Friday, April 14, 2017

Jaggi is a scam artist: Do your homework

YES. It is a cult. Even devotees will admit but are quick to say “cult” isn't negative. People posting here saying “millions of people benefit from Isha”?…where's the PROOF of that? The same person will say that anyone speaking out against Ishe is “Only a handful”. Again…where's the proof of that? they are making bold claims without any evidence. And instead, make the typical argument that brainwashed zombies make…that anyone speaking out against someihting must simply be a “'Hater.’ That is an Ad Hominum attack. Which is what people do who can't make a logical argument with proof and facts… they simply make personal attacks or name-call.
There is PLENTY of online forums, webites, comments, blogs etc where people shared their person, NEGATIVE experiences with Isha. And plenty of Isha devotees have lashed out at them making nasty comments…quick to attack the person for daring to speak out against their master. This is typical of brainwashed cult followers.
Go to an Isha meeting and you will see people claim they have achieved “Peace” when standing in the line at the grocery store. Two weeks later, the same person will claim the exact same thing. Meaning.there is no actual benefits happening that can be measured or are long-lasting. People claiming they have been cured of physical ailments…well, again…wheres the proof? As a medical professional, I've seen people get better from their symptoms a thousand times from doing absolutely nothing. Because the BODY HEALS ITSELF whether you do yoga or not. To claim it's the yoga healing someone is just an ignorant claim. Just a bit of life awareness will tell you that.
As far as Jaggi Vasudev…do some research. Plenty of information online, including an actual news article from India about his wife dying. His claim that she died by achieving “Maha Samadhi” is just idiotic. There has NEVER been any documented proof that a person could achieve death by willing. Never mind a YOUNG and HEALTHY woman who had only stared meditating after meeting Jaggi and marrying him. So she became so enlightened after a few years of practicing that she was able to achieve the highest form of spiritual enlightenment and left this world of her own free will? Right.
Sad that so many Isha devotees never question this obvious bs story. Instead, they attack anyone else who does question it.
The rest of the wife’s death story…Jaggi had her body cremated only a day later which is against every Indian custom. No autopsy was allowed or performed. Maggie was questioned by authorities but he was able to skirt the system. India is rife with political corruption and scandal. But the story did make it into the news and the article is online.

people…do your research. The man is a scam artist. He buys himself helicopters, BMW motorcycles, fast cars and young women. While he demands his devotees go without dinner every Wednesday evening as part of his fundraising tools.

Isha Yoga programs are a trap: Newcomers Beware

This post is meant for all those who are contemplating doing Yoga with Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev of Isha foundation. This is a cult and the final hidden agenda of this cult is to totally disrupt your life and insert their agenda into your life.

Before you join any of their yoga programs check out google by doing simple searches as Jaggi fraud, isha controversies, save my children from isha, sadhguru jaggi killed his wife, cult victim union, zaysen blog of isha cult, anti cult education and information

Isha foundation has a full time Information technology department which systematically attack any anti sadhguru sites, that is the reason you don't find much of the real Isha.

Jaggi Vasudev's main aim is to totally confuse you with his talks and somehow lead you to do his meditation guided by his voice. If you do this meditation embedded in the Shambhavi practice for 40 days chances are that you will be indoctrinated.

The least you can do is to inform yourself as to what you are getting into and protect your family. Imagine a situation when after dong the Yoga courses you son/daughter/wife/husband goes all the way out to become a full time volunteer of Isha and totally ignores you. This has happened to many families and Isha is doing all it can do to not make this news reach you, the new recruit.

Go ahead and google the above anti cult info.

Some recommend websites:

1) google cult victim union
2) google zaysen blog isha foundation

Isha Yoga videos will try to drown you with their information but make sure you check the anti cult ones too.

This blog is to help you choose wisely if you have decided or are thinking of joining any Isha yoga course run by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. Comments for and against are welcome.